Site Properties: General

Use this dialog box to set the general properties for a site.
Site configuration options
Site Name
Displays the name of the site to which these settings apply. A site name must contain a maximum of 60 characters, and it cannot be blank. All characters are allowed.
Lets you type a description for this site
Console Timeout
Determines the time period after the console times out. When you enable this option, the administrator is automatically logged off the console after the console reaches the timeout limit. The default is one hour.
If you connect to the management server by using the remote web console, the default timeout is 10 minutes. See:
Keep track of every application that the clients run
This option lets you control application learning at the site level.
To disable application learning for all clients in the site, clear the checkbox.
To enable application learning, select the checkbox. You must then also enable application learning at the group level. This setting is available on the
Communications Settings
panel. See:
Delete learned applications after x days
Use this option if you need to reduce the size of the default database size before you upgrade the management server. In 14.3 RU1 and later, the Microsoft SQL Server Express database must be 10 GB or less.
Clients with application learning enabled track every application running on the computer and forward this information to the management server. The management server processes this application information and saves it in two database tables. The size of these tables range from a few GBs in small environments and tens of thousands of GBs in large environments.
Move Up
Move Down
Specifies which management server sends notifications and runs scheduled reports.
This option ensures that all the management servers in the site do not run the same scheduled scans and send notifications simultaneously. The management console uses the first server in the list to send reports and notifications. If the server is not available, the console uses the next server in the list.