Basic filter settings for all logs and quick reports

You can use the default filter to view a log or quick report, or you can configure the filter options to limit the data view. You can save a filter that you have customized so that you can use it in the future.
The filter option fields are not case-sensitive. Some fields accept wildcard characters. You can use the wildcard character question mark (?), which matches any one character, and the asterisk (*), which matches any string of characters.
Basic filter options for all logs and quick reports
Log type
Report type
Displays the log name or report name.
Log content
Select a report
Specifies the particular log or quick report that you want to view. Some logs or reports have more than one type.
Use a saved filter
Specifies the filter that you want to use to create the view.
You can use the default filter or a custom filter that you have named and saved for viewing audit information.
Time range
Specifies the time range of events that you want to view in the log. For example, you can select
Past week
Past year
If you choose
Set specific dates
, you must set a
Start date
and an
End date