Choose Power Eraser Type

You can select whether Power Eraser analysis should run with or without rootkit detection. You should run Power Eraser on the fewest number of computers possible. If you run the analysis on many computers at the same time, you might adversely affect the performance of your network.
You should only run Power Eraser after you have tried other methods of virus removal. Power Eraser is an aggressive analysis that is prone to false positives.
Client computers must be connected to the network so that Power Eraser can use reputation information from Symantec Insight.
Power Eraser options
Analyze without rootkit detection
Runs a Power Eraser analysis without rootkit detection.
Analyze with rootkit detection (requires a reboot)
Runs Power Eraser with rootkit detection. Rootkit detection is an even deeper analysis that runs after a required restart.
You should typically select this option for ELAM detections that require Power Eraser analysis.
This option is not available for limited administrators who do not have privileges for restart options.
Restart Options
By default, the computer restarts immediately unless the user delays the restart for 30 minutes. You can change the time of the restart, whether or not the user is prompted, and the type of restart to perform.
The restart options you configure here are for Power Eraser analysis only. When you manually remediate Power Eraser detections, Power Eraser uses the group restart options.