Network architecture considerations

You can install
Symantec Endpoint Protection
for testing purposes without considering your company network architecture. You can install
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
with a few clients, and become familiar with the features and functions.
When you are ready to install the production clients, you should plan your deployment based on your organizational structure and computing needs.
You should consider the following elements when you plan your deployment:
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    Administrators use
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    to manage security policies and client computers. You may want to consider the security and availability of the computer on which
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    is installed.
  • Remote console
    Administrators can use a remote computer that runs the console software to access
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    . Administrators may use a remote computer when they are away from the office. You should ensure that remote computers meet the remote console requirements.
  • Local and remote computers
    Remote computers may have slower network connections. You may want to use a different installation method than the one you use to install to local computers.
  • Portable computers such as notebook computers
    Portable computers may not connect to the network on a regular schedule. You may want to make sure that portable computers have a LiveUpdate policy that enables a LiveUpdate schedule. Any portable computers that do not check in regularly do not get other policy updates.
  • Computers that are located in secure areas
    Computers that are located in secure areas may need different security settings from the computers that are not located in secure areas.
You identify the computers on which you plan to install the client. Symantec recommends that you install the client software on all unprotected computers, including the computer that runs
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
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