Managing the Symantec Endpoint Protection client installation

You must install a
Symantec Endpoint Protection
client on every computer you want to protect, whether the computer is physical or virtual.
Client computer installation tasks
Step 1: Identify client computers
Identify the computers on which you want to install the client software. Check that all the computers run a supported operating system.
Symantec recommends that you also install the client on the computer that hosts
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
For the most current system requirements, see:
Step 2: Identify computer groups (optional)
Identify the computer groups to which you want the clients to belong. For example, you can group clients based on type of computer, to conform to your corporate organization, or to the security level required. You can create these groups before or after you install the client software.
You can also import an existing group structure such as an Active Directory structure. See:
Step 3: Prepare client computers for deployment and installation
If your users do not have administrative rights for their computers, then you should remotely install the client software using Remote Push. The Remote Push installation requires you to enter the credentials that have local administrative rights for the computers. See:
Prepare the computers for remote client deployment and for successful communication with
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
after installation. See:
Step 4: Determine features and deploy client software
You deploy the client software using one of the available methods. You can also export a customized client package to deploy later or with a third-party tool.
Symantec recommends that you do not perform third-party installations simultaneous to the installation of
Symantec Endpoint Protection
. The installation of any third-party programs that make network- or system-level changes may cause undesirable results when you install
Symantec Endpoint Protection
. If possible, restart the client computers before you install
Symantec Endpoint Protection
For more information, see:
Step 5: Verify installation status
Confirm that the client installation succeeded and that clients communicate with
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
. Managed clients may not appear in the console until after they are restarted. See:
After installation, you can take additional steps to secure unmanaged computers and optimize the performance of your
Symantec Endpoint Protection