Creating custom Windows client installation packages in
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

You can customize client installation packages for
Symantec Endpoint Protection
for Windows by configuring the client installation settings and the client feature sets. This customization lets you configure an installation path, the restart behavior after installation, whether the installation package uninstalls a third-party security product, among others.
Client Install Settings and Client Install Feature Set configurations only apply to Windows install packages. You can export a Macintosh or Linux install package through
Admin > Install Packages > Client Install Package
, but the configuration options differ.
Tasks to create a custom Windows client installation package
Create a new custom client installation settings configuration
Client Install Settings
to define the installation behavior.
If you want to uninstall existing security software on your client computers, you configure it here.
For more information, see:
Create a new custom feature set
Client Install Feature Sets
define what protection technologies install on the client computer. See:
Create a new, custom installation package
When you export a client installation package, you select from the customized settings files you created. You also choose to where you save the package, and whether the package is a single file (.EXE) or a folder of files.
You can also use the custom installation settings and the custom feature sets with the Client Deployment Wizard.
For more information, see:
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