Running automatic database backups

You can schedule database backups to occur at a time when fewer users are logged on to the network.
You can also back up the database at any time.
  1. In the console, click
  2. Under
    , click
    Local Site (My Site)
  3. Under
    , click
    Edit Database Properties
  4. In the
    Database Properties
    dialog box, on the
    Backup Settings
    tab, do the following tasks.
    • In the
      Backup server
      drop-down list, specify on which management server you want to save the backup.
    • Check
      Back up logs
      if you need to save a copy of the logs for security purposes or company policy.
      Otherwise, leave this option disabled, as logs use a lot of disk space.
    • Set the
      Number of backups to keep
      if your company policy requires it. Keep the number low if you use the default database and your database size is too large.
  5. Make sure
    Schedule Backups
    is checked, and set the schedule.
  6. Click