Specifying client log size and which logs to upload to the management server

Company policy might require you to increase the time and type of log events that the database keeps. You can specify the number of log entries that are kept, and the number of days that each entry is kept on the client.
You can configure whether to upload each type of client log to the server. You can also configure the maximum upload size. If you choose not to upload the client logs, you cannot perform the following tasks:
  • You cannot view the client log data from the
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    console by using the
    tab on the
  • You cannot back up the client logs when you back up the database.
  • You cannot export the client log data to a file or a centralized log server.
Some client log settings are group-specific and some are set in the Virus and Spyware Protection policy, which can be applied to a location. If you want all remote client log and office client log settings to differ, you must use groups instead of locations to manage remote clients.
For more information, see:
  1. To specify client log size and which logs to upload to the management server
  2. On the console, click
    , and select a group.
  3. On the
    tab, click
    Client Log
  4. In the
    Client Log Settings
    group name
    dialog box, set the maximum file size and the number of days to keep log entries.
  5. Check
    Upload to management server
    for any logs that you want the clients to forward to the server.
  6. For the
    log and
    log, set the damper period and the damper idle period.
  7. Click