Assigning a management server list to a group and location

After you add a policy, you must assign it to a group or a location or both. You can also use the management server list to move a group of clients from one management server to another.
You must have finished adding or editing a management server list before you can assign the list. See:
  1. To assign a management server list to a group and location
  2. In the console, click
  3. In the
    page, expand
    Policy Components
    , and then click
    Management Server Lists
  4. In the
    Management Server Lists
    pane, select the management server list you want to assign.
  5. Under
    , click
    Assign the List
  6. In the
    Apply Management Server List
    dialog box, check the groups and locations to which you want to apply the management server list.
  7. Click
  8. Click
  9. To assign a management server list to a group or location on the Clients page, in the console, click
    Clients > Policies
  10. On the
    tab, select the group, and then uncheck
    Inherit policies and settings from parent group
    You cannot set any communication settings for a group unless the group no longer inherits any policies and settings from a parent group.
  11. Under
    Location-independent Policies and Settings
    , click
    Communication Settings
  12. In the
    Communication Settings for
    group name
    dialog box, under
    Management Server List
    , select the management server list.
    The group that you select then uses this management server list when communicating with the management server.
  13. Click