Changing the replication frequency and content

By default, replication is scheduled to occur automatically after you install the second site and management server. Replication occurs according to the default schedule as part of installing the second management server. However, you may need to change the frequency based on how long replication takes. You can change the frequency on either the local site or the new site, but Symantec recommends that you configure replication on the new site first. The schedule on both sites is the same the next time the two sites replicate. The site with the smaller ID number initiates the scheduled replication. Whichever site is configured as the new replication partner always has its database overwritten by the database from the local site that the new site points to.
Both sites automatically share groups and policies. You can choose whether to replicate logs, client installation packages, or LiveUpdate content based on the amount of disk space that is available.
The time that it takes to replicate depends on the size of the database as well as network connection between the sites. First, test a replication cycle to see how long it takes. You should schedule your replication based on that time period, and make sure that the time when the management servers duplicate data does not overlap. Both the client packages and LiveUpdate content can include a large volume of data. The data in a client package might be as large as 5 GB. The client installation packages may require as much as 500 MB of disk space. If you plan to replicate logs, make sure that you have sufficient disk space for the additional logs on all the replication partner servers.
After the initial, full database replication, subsequent replications are fairly small, if you only replicate policies, clients, and groups, and not logs. Make sure that the management servers have enough available disk space to replicate based on the frequency and content.
To change the replication frequency and schedule
  1. In the console, click
  2. Under
    Local Site
    , expand
    Replication Partners
    , and select the site you want to replicate with.
  3. Under
    , click
    Edit Replication Partner Properties
  4. Choose the content you want to replicate.
  5. To change the schedule, do one of the following tasks:
    • Check
      to let the management server choose when to replicate the data.
      This option causes frequent and automatic replication to occur between two sites, about every 2 hours.
    • Check
      Replicate on a schedule
      to set up a custom schedule.
  6. Click
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