Configuring reporting preferences

You can configure the following reporting preferences:
  • The
    pages display options
  • The
    Security Status
  • The display options that are used for the logs and the reports, as well as legacy log file uploading
The security status thresholds that you set determine when the Security Status message on the
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
page is considered Poor. Thresholds are expressed as a percentage and reflect when your network is considered to be out of compliance with your security policies.
For example, you can set the percentage of computers with out-of-date virus definitions that triggers a poor security status. You can also set how many days old the definitions need to be to qualify as out of date.
Symantec Endpoint Protection
determines what is current when it calculates whether signatures or definitions are out of date as follows. Its standard is the most current virus definitions and IPS signature dates that are available on the management server on which the console runs.
For information about the preference options that you can set, you can click
on each tab in the
dialog box.
  1. To configure reporting preferences
  2. In the console, on the
    page, click
  3. Click one of the following tabs, depending on the type of preferences that you want to set:
  4. Set the values for the options that you want to change.
  5. Click