How to run scheduled reports

Scheduled reports are the reports that run automatically based on the schedule that you configure. Scheduled reports are emailed to recipients, so you must include the email address of at least one recipient. After a report runs, the report is emailed to the recipients that you configure as an .mht file attachment.
The data that appears in the scheduled reports is updated in the database every hour. At the time that the management server emails a scheduled report, the data in the report is current to within one hour.
The other reports that contain data over time are updated in the database based on the upload interval that you configured for the client logs.
If you have multiple servers within a site that share a database, only the first-installed server runs the reports scheduled for the site. This default ensures that all the servers in the site do not run the same scheduled scans simultaneously. If you want to designate a different server to run scheduled reports, you can configure this option in the local site properties.
  1. To run scheduled reports
  2. In the console, click
  3. On the
    Scheduled Reports
    tab, click
  4. In the
    Report name
    text box, type a descriptive name and optionally, type a longer description.
    Although you can paste more than 255 characters into the description text box, only 255 characters are saved in the description.
  5. If you do not want this report to run until another time, uncheck the
    Enable this scheduled report
    check box.
  6. Select the report type that you want to schedule from the list box.
  7. Select the name of the specific report that you want to schedule from the list box.
  8. Select the name of the saved filter that you want to use from the list box.
  9. In the
    Run every
    text box, select the time interval at which you want the report to be emailed to recipients (hours, days, weeks, months). Then, type the value for the time interval you selected. For example, if you want the report to be sent to you every other day, select days and then type 2.
  10. In the
    Start after
    text box, type the date that you want the report to start or click the calendar icon and select the date. Then, select the hour and minute from the list boxes.
  11. Under
    Report Recipients
    , type one or more comma-separated email addresses.
    You must already have set up mail server properties for email notifications to work.
  12. Click