About partner notifications

When the management server detects that clients have paid licenses that are about to expire or that have expired, it can send a notification to the system administrator. Similarly, the management server can send a notification to the administrator when it detects that licenses are over-deployed.
However, in both of these cases, the resolution of the problem may require the purchase of new licenses or renewals. In many installations the server administrator may not have the authority to make such purchases, but instead relies upon a Symantec partner to perform this task.
The management server provides the ability to maintain the contact information for the partner. This information can be supplied when the server is installed. The system administrator can also supply or edit the partner information at any time after the installation in the Licenses pane of the console.
When the partner contact information is available to the management server, paid license-related notifications and over-deployed license notifications are sent automatically both to the administrator and to the partner.