Generating a list of the
Symantec Endpoint Protection
versions installed in your network

You can run a quick report from
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
that provides a list of the
Symantec Endpoint Protection
software versions that are installed in your network. This list can be useful when you want to upgrade or migrate your software from a previous version of
Symantec Endpoint Protection
. The list includes local and remote computers.
You can save the report using MHTML webpage archive format. See:
  1. To generate a report that lists the
    Symantec Endpoint Protection
    software versions
  2. In the console, click
  3. For
    Report type
    , select
    Computer Status
  4. For
    Select a report
    , select
    Symantec Endpoint Protection
    Product Versions
  5. Click
    Create Report
  6. To generate a detailed list of client computers, including
    Symantec Endpoint Protection
    software versions, in the console, click
    , and then click the
  7. For
    Log type
    , select
    Computer Status
  8. Adjust the
    Time range
    if desired, and then click
    View log
  9. Scroll to find the column
    . Click on the header to sort by version number.
    View Applied Filters
    to adjust the log filters. Click
    to export the list. Click a client computer and then click
    to see its details.