Saving custom reports

You can save custom report settings in a filter so that you can generate the report again at a later date. When you save your settings, they are saved in the database. The name that you give to the filter appears in the
Use a saved filter
list box for that type of logs and reports.
The filter configuration settings that you save are available for your user logon account only. Other users with reporting privileges do not have access to your saved settings.
For more information, see:
You can delete any report configuration that you create. When you delete a configuration, the report is no longer available. The default report configuration name appears in the
Use a saved report
list box and the screen is repopulated with the default configuration settings.
If you delete an administrator from the management server, you have the option to save the reports that were created by the deleted administrator. The ownership of the reports is changed, and the report names are changed. The new report name is in the format
. For example, a report that was created by administrator
, named
, would be renamed
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  1. To save a custom report
  2. In the console, click
  3. On the
    Quick Reports
    tab, select a report type from the list box.
  4. Change any basic settings or additional settings for the report.
    In 12.1.x,
    Additional Settings
    Advanced Settings
  5. Click
    Save Filter
  6. In the
    Filter name
    text box, type a descriptive name for this report filter. Only the first 32 characters of the name that you give display when the filter is added to the
    Use a saved filter
  7. Click
  8. When the confirmation dialog box appears, click
    After you save a filter, it appears in the
    Use a saved filter
    list box for related reports and logs.