Setting up administrator notifications

You can configure notifications to alert you and other administrators when particular kinds of events occur. You can also add the conditions that trigger notifications to remind you to perform important tasks. For example, you can add a notification condition to inform you when a license has expired, or when a security risk has been detected.
When a notification triggers, it can perform specific actions, such as the following:
  • Log the notification to the database.
  • Send an email to one or more individuals.
  • Run a batch file.
To send email notifications, you must configure a mail server to communicate with the management server.
For more information, see:
You choose the notification condition from a list of available notification types.
Once you choose the notification type, you then configure it as follows:
Specify filters.
Not all notification types provide filters. When they do, you can use the filters to limit the conditions that trigger the notification. For example, you can restrict a notification to trigger only when computers in a specific group are affected.
Specify settings.
All notification types provide settings, but the specific settings vary from type to type. For example, a risk notification may let you specify what type of scan triggers the notification.
Specify actions.
All notification types provide actions you can specify.
If you set the
period to
for notifications about critical events, you should make sure that clients can upload critical events immediately. The relevant notifications include the following:
Client security alert
Single risk event
New risk detected
, and
Risk outbreak
. The
Let clients upload critical events immediately
option is enabled by default and configured in the
Communications Settings
dialog box.
  1. To set up an administrator notification
  2. In the console, click
  3. On the
    page, on the
    tab, click
    Notification Conditions
  4. On the
    tab, click
    , and then click a notification type.
  5. In the
    Add Notification Condition
    dialog box, provide the following information:
    • In the
      Notification name
      text box, type a name to label the notification condition.
    • Under
      What filter settings would you like to use
      , if it is present, specify the filter settings for the notification condition.
    • Under
      What settings would you like for this notification
      , specify the conditions that trigger the notification.
    • Under
      What should happen when this notification is triggered
      , specify the actions that are taken when the notification is triggered.
  6. Click