Adding a custom requirement from a template

Instead of writing custom requirements from scratch, you can add common custom requirements that Symantec created. You use LiveUpdate to download Host Integrity content to the management server. The Host Integrity content includes templates. You then add the custom requirements from the templates to the Host Integrity policy.
To get the latest Host Integrity templates, you must configure a LiveUpdate Content policy to download Host Integrity content.
If you import a requirement a second time and a requirement with the same name exists, the imported requirement does not overwrite the existing requirement. Instead, the imported requirement is shown with the number 2 next to its name on the
  1. To add a custom requirement from a template
  2. In the console, open a Host Integrity policy.
  3. On the
    Host Integrity policy
    page, click
    Requirements > Add
  4. In the
    Add Requirement
    dialog box, click the
    Select requirement
    drop-down list, select a predefined requirement, and then click
  5. In the
    Host Integrity Online Updating
    dialog box, expand
    , and then select a template category.
  6. Next to each template you want to add, click
  7. Click
  8. Click