Creating an application name list to import into the system lockdown configuration

You can import a list of application names into the system lockdown configuration. You might want to import an application name list rather than adding application names individually to the system lockdown configuration.
By default, 512 is the maximum number of applications that you can include in your combined application name lists. You can change the maximum in the file.
You can create an application name list file with any text editor.
Each line of the file can contain the following items each separated by a space:
  • The file name
    If you use a path name, it must be in quotes.
  • The test mode
    The value should be 1 or Y for enabled or 0 or N for disabled. If you leave the field blank, test mode is disabled. You must include a value if you want to specify the matching mode.
  • The matching mode (wildcard or regular expression)
    The value should be 1or Y for regular expression matching or 0 or N for wildcard matching. If you leave the field blank, wildcard matching is used.
The test mode field enables or disables the
Test Before Addition
Test Before Removal
option for each application in the list. The test mode field is ignored when you use the
Log Applications Only
option to test the entire system lockdown configuration.
Each line should use the following syntax:
filename test_mode matching_mode
For example:
aa.exe bb.exe 0 1 cc.exe 1 dd.exe 1 0 "c:\program files\ee.exe" 0 0
When you import this list into system lockdown, the individual applications appear in the system lockdown configuration with the following settings:
Example matching mode settings
Application Name
Test Before Addition or Test Before Removal
Matching Mode
Regular expression
c:\program files\ee.exe
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