Obtaining a device vendor or model for Windows computers with DevViewer

You can use the Symantec DevViewer tool to obtain either the class ID (GUID) or the device ID. You can use Windows Device Manager to obtain the device ID.
After you obtain a device ID, you can modify it with a wildcard character to indicate a less specific group of devices.
  1. To obtain a device vendor or model for Windows computers with DevViewe
  2. Download DevViewer to the client computer from the Attachments section at:
  3. On the client computer, run
  4. Expand the Device Tree and locate the device for which you want the device ID or the GUID.
    For example, expand
    Disk drives
    and select the device within that category.
  5. In the right-hand pane, right-click the device ID (which begins with [device ID]), and then click
    Copy Device ID
  6. Click
  7. On the management server, paste the device ID into the list of hardware devices.
  8. To obtain a device ID from Control Panel, open the Device Manager from the Control Panel.
    The path to the Device Manager depends on the Windows operating system. For example, in Windows 7, click
    Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager
  9. In the
    Device Manager
    dialog box, right-click the device, and click
  10. In the device's
    dialog box, on the
    tab, select the Device ID.
    By default, the Device ID is the first value displayed.
  11. Copy the ID string.
  12. Click