Customizing Auto-Protect for Mac clients

You might want to customize Auto-Protect settings for the clients that run on Mac computers.
  1. To customize Auto-Protect for Mac clients
  2. In the console, open a Virus and Spyware Protection policy.
  3. Under
    Mac Settings
    , under
    Protection Technology
    , click
    Auto-Protect and SONAR
  4. At the top of the
    Scan Details
    tab, click the lock icon to lock or unlock all settings.
  5. Check or uncheck any of the following options:
    • Enable Auto-Protect
    • Automatically repair infected files
    • Quarantine files that cannot be repaired
    • Scan compressed files
  6. Under
    General Scan Details
    , specify the files that Auto-Protect scans.
    To exclude files from the scan, you must select
    Scan everywhere except in specified folders
    , and then add an Exceptions policy to specify the files to exclude.
  7. Under
    Scan Mounted Disk Details
    , check or uncheck any of the available options.
  8. Under
    Suspicious Behavior Detection
    , check or uncheck
    Enable Suspicious Behavior Detection
    This option is available as of version 14.3 RU1.
  9. On the
    tab, set any of the notification options, and then click