Customizing Download Insight settings

You might want to customize Download Insight settings to decrease false positive detections on client computers. You can change how sensitive Download Insight is to the file reputation data that it uses to characterize malicious files. You can also change the notifications that Download Insight displays on client computers when it makes a detection. See:
  1. To customize Download Insight settings
  2. In the console, open a Virus and Spyware Protection policy and select
    Download Protection
  3. On the
    Download Insight
    tab, make sure that
    Enable Download Insight to detect potential risks in downloaded files based on file reputation
    is checked.
    If Auto-Protect is disabled, Download Insight cannot function even if it is enabled.
  4. Move the slider for malicious file sensitivity to the appropriate level.
    If you set the level higher, Download Insight detects more files as malicious and fewer files as unproven. Higher settings, however, return more false positives.
  5. Check the following options to use as additional criteria for examining unproven files:
    • Files with
      or fewer users
    • Files known by users for
      or fewer days
    When unproven files meet these criteria, Download Insight detects the files as malicious.
  6. Make sure that
    Automatically trust any file downloaded from a trusted Internet or intranet site
    is checked.
  7. On the
    tab, under
    Malicious Files
    , specify a first action and a second action.
  8. Under
    Unproven Files
    , specify the action.
  9. On the
    tab, specify whether or not to display a message on client computers when Download Insight makes a detection.
    You can also customize the text of a warning message that appears when a user allows a file that Download Insight detects.
  10. Click