Customizing the virus and spyware scans that run on Linux computers

You can customize options for administrator-defined scans (scheduled and on-demand scans) that run on Linux computers. You can also customize options for Auto-Protect.
Customizing virus and spyware scans on Linux computers
Customize Auto-Protect settings
You can customize Auto-Protect in many ways, including the configuration for the following settings:
  • The types of files that Auto-Protect scans
  • The actions that Auto-Protect takes when it makes a detection
    As of 14.3 RU1, configuring the actions for detections is deprecated for the Linux client.
  • The user notifications for Auto-Protect detections
You can also enable or disable the
Scan Results
dialog for Auto-Protect scans of the file system. See:
Customize administrator-defined scans
You can customize the following types of options for scheduled and on-demand scans.
  • File and folder types
  • Compressed files
  • Security risks
  • Scheduling options
  • Actions for detections
    As of 14.3 RU1, configuring the actions for detections is deprecated for the Linux client.
  • User notifications
Customize scan actions
(deprecated as of 14.3 RU1)
You can change the action that
Symantec Endpoint Protection
takes when it makes a detection. See:
Customize global scan options
(available as of 14.3 RU3)
You can customize global settings for the scans that run on your Linux clients. See:
Customize miscellaneous options for Virus and Spyware Protection
(deprecated as of 14.3 RU1)
You can specify the types of risk events that clients send to
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
. See: