Adding host groups

A host group is a collection of: DNS domain names, DNS host names, IP addresses, IP ranges, MAC addresses, or subnets that are grouped under one name. The purpose of host groups is to eliminate the retyping of host addresses and names. For example, you can add multiple IP addresses one at a time to a firewall rule. Or, you can add multiple IP addresses to a host group, and then add the group to the firewall rule.
As you incorporate host groups, you must describe where the groups are used. If you decide later to delete a host group, you must first remove the host group from all the firewall rules that reference the group.
When you add a host group, it appears at the bottom of the
list. You can access the
list from the
field in a firewall rule.
  1. To add host groups
  2. In the console, click
  3. Expand
    Policy Components
    , and then click
    Host Groups
  4. Under
    , click
    Add a Host Group
  5. In the
    Host Group
    dialog box, type a name, and then click
  6. In the
    dialog box, in the
    drop-down list, select a host.
  7. Type the appropriate information for each host type.
  8. Click
  9. Add additional hosts, if necessary.
  10. Click