About the pop-up notifications that appear on Windows 8 clients

On Windows 8 computers, pop-up notifications for malware detections and other critical
Symantec Endpoint Protection
events appear on the Windows 8 style user interface and the Windows 8 desktop. The notifications alert the user to an event that occurred in either the Windows 8 style user interface or the Windows 8 desktop, regardless of which interface the user is currently viewing.
You can enable or disable the pop-up notifications on your client computers.
The Windows 8 configuration also includes settings to show or hide notifications.
Symantec Endpoint Protection
pop-up notifications only appear if Windows 8 is configured to show them. In the Windows 8 style user interface, the
pane or the
Change PC Settings
option let you show or hide app notifications. See the Windows 8 user documentation for more information.
If the user clicks a notification on the Windows 8 style user interface, the Windows 8 desktop appears. If the user clicks the notification on the Windows 8 desktop, the notification disappears. For detections of malware or security risks, the user can view information about the detections in the
Detection Results
dialog on the Windows 8 desktop.
Symantec Endpoint Protection
notifies Windows 8 that it detected malware or a security risk that affects a Windows 8 style app, an alert icon appears on the app tile. When the user clicks the tile, the Windows App Store appears so that the user can re-download the app.
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