Running on-demand scans on client computers

You can run a manual, or on-demand, scan on client computers remotely from the management console. You might want to run an on-demand scan as part of your strategy to prevent and handle virus and spyware attacks on your client computers.
By default, an active scan runs automatically after you update definitions. You can configure an on-demand scan as a full scan or custom scan and then run the on-demand scan for more extensive scanning.
Settings for on-demand scans are similar to the settings for scheduled scans.
For Windows client computers, you can run an active, full, or custom on-demand scan. For Mac and Linux client computers, you can run only a custom on-demand scan.
The custom scan uses the settings that are configured for on-demand scans in the Virus and Spyware Protection policy.
If you issue a restart command on a client computer that runs an on-demand scan, the scan stops, and the client computer restarts. The scan does not restart.
You can run an on-demand scan from the Computer Status log or from the
tab in the console.
You can cancel all scans in progress and queued for selected clients from the Computer Status log. If you confirm the command, the table refreshes and you see that the cancel command is added to the command status table.
  1. To run on-demand scans on client computers
  2. In the console, click
  3. Under
    , right-click the group or clients that you want to scan.
  4. Do one of the following actions:
    • Click
      Run a command on the group > Scan
    • Click
      Run command on computers > Scan
    Update Content and Scan
    to update definitions and then run the scan in one step.
  5. For Windows clients, select
    Active Scan
    Full Scan
    , or
    Custom Scan
    , and then click