Managing the pseudonymous or non-pseudonymous data that clients send to Symantec

Symantec Endpoint Protection
can protect computers by submitting pseudonymous information about detections to Symantec. Symantec uses this information to address new and changing threats. Any data you submit improves Symantec's ability to respond to threats and customize protection for your computers. Symantec recommends that you choose to submit as much detection information as possible. See:
Client computers submit information pseudonymously about detections. You can specify the types of detections for which clients submit information. The data that Symantec telemetry collects may include pseudonymous elements that are not directly identifiable. Symantec neither needs nor seeks to use telemetry data to identify any individual user.
Mac client submissions do not include SONAR or file reputation submissions. Linux clients do not support any client submissions.
  1. To change client submission settings
  2. In the console, select
    then click the
  3. In the
    pane, click
    External Communications Settings
  4. Select the
    Client Submissions
  5. Enable or disable the
    Send pseudonymous data to Symantec to receive enhanced threat protection intelligence
  6. Select
    More options
    if you want to enable or disable specific submission types, such as file reputation.
  7. If you participate in a Symantec-sponsored custom analysis program, select
    Send client-identifiable data to Symantec for custom analysis
    This option sends non-pseudonymous information to Symantec. Only use this option if you participate in a Symantec-sponsored program and want to share client-identifiable data with Symantec.
  8. Select
On Mac clients, you can also disable IPS ping submissions. See the following article: