About client installation features and properties

Installation features and properties appear as strings in text files and command lines. Text files and command lines are processed during all client software installations. Installation features control which components get installed. Installation properties control which subcomponents are enabled or disabled after installation. Installation features and properties are available for
Symantec Endpoint Protection
client software only and are also available for the Windows operating system. Installation features and properties are not available for the installation of
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
Installation features and properties are specified in the following ways: as lines in the Setaid.ini file and as values in Windows Installer (MSI) commands. MSI commands can be specified in Windows Installer strings and in Setaid.ini for a customized deployment. Windows Installer commands and Setaid.ini are always processed for all managed client software installations. If different values are specified, the values in Setaid.ini always take precedence.