About configuring Setaid.ini

Setaid.ini appears in all installation packages and controls many of the aspects of the installation, such as which features are installed. Setaid.ini always takes precedence over any setting that may appear in an MSI command string that is used to start the installation. Setaid.ini appears in the same directory as setup.exe. If you export to a single .exe file, you cannot configure Setaid.ini. However, the file is automatically configured when you export Symantec Endpoint Protection client installation files from the console.
The following lines show some of the options that you can configure in Setaid.ini.
[CUSTOM_SMC_CONFIG] InstallationLogDir= DestinationDirectory=
[FEATURE_SELECTION] Core=1 SAVMain=1 Download=1 OutlookSnapin=1 Pop3Smtp=0 NotesSnapin=0 PTPMain=1 DCMain=1 TruScan=1
The features are indented to show hierarchy. The features are not indented inside the Setaid.ini file. Feature names in Setaid.ini are case-sensitive.
Feature values that are set to 1 install the features. Feature values that are set to 0 do not install the features. You must specify and install the parent features to successfully install the client features.
Be aware of the following additional setaid.ini settings that map to MSI properties for Symantec Endpoint Protection client installation:
  • DestinationDirectory maps to PRODUCTINSTALLDIR
  • KeepPreviousSetting maps to MIGRATESETTINGS
  • AddProgramIntoStartMenu maps to ADDSTARTMENUICON