Installing Windows client software using third-party tools

You can install the client using third-party tools instead of the tools that are installed with the management server. If you have a large network, you are more likely to benefit by using these options to install Symantec client software.
You can install the client by using a variety of third-party products. These products include Microsoft Active Directory, Tivoli, Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), and Novell ZENworks.
Symantec Endpoint Protection
supports Novell ZENworks, Microsoft Active Directory, and Microsoft SMS.
You can also deploy
Symantec Endpoint Protection
in an environment that you manage with a
Symantec Software Management Solution powered by Altiris
. You can deploy
Symantec Endpoint Protection
from one of the Software Management Solution suites with one of the following policies:
  • A
    Managed Software Delivery
  • A
    Quick Delivery
For more information, refer to the Software Management Solution suite product Help, or see:
Third-party tools to install the client
Windows Installer command-line tools
The Symantec client software installation packages are Windows Installer (MSI) files that you can configure by using the standard Windows Installer options. You can use the environment management tools that support MSI deployment, such as Active Directory or Tivoli, to install clients on your network. You can configure how the Windows Security Center interacts with the unmanaged client.
Microsoft SMS 2003
You can install the client by using Microsoft Systems Management Server.
Windows Active Directory
You can use a Windows Active Directory Group Policy Object if the client computers and are members of a Windows Active Directory domain. The client computers must also use a supported Windows operating system.
Virtualization software
You can install the client in virtual environments.