Installing Windows clients with an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO)

You can install the Windows client by using a Windows Active Directory Group Policy Object. The procedures assume that you have installed this software and use Windows Active Directory to install client software with an Active Directory Group Policy Object.
The Symantec client installation uses standard Windows Installer (MSI) files. As a result, you can customize the client installation with MSI properties.
You should confirm that your DNS server is set up correctly before deployment. The correct setup is required because Active Directory relies on your DNS server for computer communication. To test the setup, you can ping the Windows Active Directory computer, and then ping in the opposite direction. Use the fully qualified domain name. The use of the computer name alone does not call for a new DNS lookup. Use the following format:
You should use a managed client installation package that you exported from
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
. If you use the client installation packages from the product download or the installation file, you deploy unmanaged clients. Unmanaged clients install with default settings and do not communicate with a management server.
Steps for installing the client software by using Active Directory Group Policy Object
Step 1
Export the managed client installation package with the option
Separate files (required for .MSI)
Step 2
Stage the folder of installation files. For example, copy the managed client installation package into a shared folder on which you have set the correct permissions to allow access.
Step 3
Create a GPO software distribution.
You should also test GPO installation with a small number of computers before the production deployment. If you do not configure DNS properly, GPO installations can take an hour or more.
Step 4
Add computers to the organizational unit.