Randomizing content downloads from a LiveUpdate server

Your network might experience traffic congestion when multiple client computers attempt to download content from a LiveUpdate server. You can configure the update schedule to include a randomization window on Windows or Linux clients. Each client computer attempts to download content at a random time that occurs within that window.
The schedule settings in the LiveUpdate Settings policy do not control randomization for the client computers that download content from the default management server or from a Group Update provider. You can change the randomization settings for those computers in the
Communication Settings
dialog box for the group to which they belong. See:
  1. To randomize content downloads from a LiveUpdate server
  2. Click
  3. Under
    , click
  4. On the
    LiveUpdate Settings
    tab, right-click the policy that you want to edit, and then click
  5. Under
    Windows Settings
    Mac Settings
    , or
    Linux Settings
    , click
  6. Under
    Download Randomization Options
    , check
    Randomize the start time to be + or - (in hours)
    This setting is in days, if you select
  7. Optionally, change the duration for the randomized start time.
  8. Click