Symantec Endpoint Protection

Obtain a license and check the clients' licensing status.
Symantec Endpoint Protection
(SEP) requires a paid license to receive security content updates, product updates and versions, and access to Technical Support. After you install
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
, you have 60 days to purchase enough license seats to cover all of your deployed clients. See:
How to license Symantec Endpoint Protection
Step 1: Purchase a license
To purchase a new license, contact your preferred reseller.
  • Select
    On-Premises Security Products
    . If you haven't already done so, create a Broadcom Support Portal account.
You must purchase a license in the following situations:
  • You want to purchase
    Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Your trial license expired.
  • Your paid license expired.
  • You deployed more clients than your license allows (over-deployed).
You license according to the number of clients that you need to protect the endpoints at your site. See:
Step 2: Activate your purchased license
After you purchase your license, you receive an email with a Symantec license file (
) or a license serial number, which is attached to the email as a .zip file. You must extract the .slf file from the .zip file.
You need the serial number to activate the installation.
  • You must log on to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager with a System Administrator account, such as the default account admin.
  • Go to the
    page to import and activate your SEP product license.
For more information, see:
You can perform the following tasks to manage your licenses.
Licensing tasks
Retrieve your serial number
If you have an existing license from Symantec and need to retrieve your serial number, see:
Renew your license
Contact your preferred reseller.
For more information, see:
Find out when your license expire and if you are overdeployed
Check the status for each license that you imported into the console to see whether you need to renew a license or purchase more licenses.
You can apply an existing license to a product upgrade. See:
Back up your license file
Back up your license files to preserve them in case the database or the computer's hard disk becomes damaged. See:
Recover your license file
You can recover the license file if you accidentally delete it. See:
Send notifications when licenses are expiring
By default, Symantec Endpoint Protection sends the administrator a preconfigured notification to administrators about expired licenses and other license issues. See:
Check the product license requirements
Learn what are the license requirements for the computers that you want to protect. A license lets you install the
Symantec Endpoint Protection
client on a specified number of computers. See: