Licensing an unmanaged Windows client

Unmanaged clients do not require the manual installation of a license file, and they do not count towards the total seat count for a paid license. However, to enable the submission of reputation data from an unmanaged Windows client, you must install a paid license on the unmanaged client. Unmanaged Mac clients and Linux clients do not submit reputation data.
  1. To license an unmanaged Windows client
  2. Locate and create a copy of your current Symantec Licensing File (.slf).
    Use the same file that you used to activate your license on
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
  3. In the client computer, place the copied license file into the Symantec Endpoint Protection client inbox (default location):
    C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\CurrentVersion\inbox\
    By default, the folder in which the inbox appears is hidden, so use Folder Options to enable the showing of hidden files and folders.
    If the license file is invalid or the license installation failed, the license appears in a new folder called
    . If the file is valid, it is automatically removed from the inbox after it is processed.
  4. To verify that you applied the license correctly, check that no files appear in the inbox folder.
  5. Check that the .slf file is in the following folder (default location):
    C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\CurrentVersion\Data\Config
You can also include the .slf file as part of a third-party deployment package.