Switching to the current domain

The default domain name is
, and it is set as the current domain. When you add a new domain in the
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
console, the domain is empty. To add groups, clients, policies, and administrators to a new domain, you must first set it as the current domain. When a domain is designated as the current domain, the text
Current Domain
follows the domain name in the title. If you have many domains, you must scroll through the
list to display which domain is the current one.
If you logged on to the console as a system administrator, you can see all domains no matter which domain is the current one. However, you can only see the administrators and limited administrators that were created in the current domain. If you logged on to the console as either an administrator or a limited administrator, you only see the domain to which you have access.
If you remove the current domain, the management server logs you out. You can only remove a domain if it is not the current domain and not the only domain.
  1. To switch to the current domain
  2. In the console, click
  3. On the
    page, click
  4. Under
    , click the domain that you want to make the current domain.
  5. Under
    , click
    Administer Domain
  6. In the Administer Domain dialog box, to confirm, click
  7. Click