Adding an administrator account and setting access rights

As a system administrator, you can add another system administrator, administrator, or limited administrator. As an administrator within a domain, you can add other administrators with access rights equal to or less restrictive than your own. Administrators can add limited administrators and configure their access rights.
  1. To add an administrator account
  2. In the console, click
  3. Under
    , click
    Add an administrator
  4. In the
    Add Administrator
    dialog box, on the
    tab, enter the user name and email address.
  5. On the
    Access Rights
    tab, specify the type of administrator account.
    If you add an account for a limited administrator, you must also specify the administrator's access rights. Limited administrator accounts that are not granted any access rights are created in a disabled state and the limited administrator cannot log on to the management server. See:
  6. On the
    tab, under
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Authentication
    , type the password the administrator should use to log on.
    When the administrator logs on to the
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    verifies with the database that the user name and password are correct. See:
  7. Click