Collecting user information

You can prompt users on the client computers to type information about themselves during the client software installation process or during policy updates. You can collect information such as the employee's mobile phone number, job title, and email address. After you collect this information, you must maintain and update it manually.
After you enable the message to appear on the client computer for the first time, and the user responds with the requested information, the message does not appear again. Even if you edit any of the fields or disable and enable the message again, the client does not display a new message. However, the user can edit the information at any time, and the management server retrieves that information.
For more information, see:
  1. To collect user information
  2. In the console, click
    , and then click
    Install Packages
  3. In the
    Install Packages
    pane, click
    Client Install Packages
  4. Under
    , click
    Set User Information Collection
  5. In the
    Set User Information Collection
    dialog box, check
    Collect User Information
  6. In the
    Pop-up Message
    text box, type the message that you want users to read when they are prompted for information.
  7. If you want the user to have the ability to postpone user information collection, check
    Enable Remind Me Later
    , and then set a time in minutes.
  8. Under
    Select the fields that will be displayed for the user to provide input
    , choose the type of information to collect, and then click
    You can select one or more fields simultaneously by pressing the Shift key or the Control key.
  9. In the Optional column, check the check box next to any fields that you want to define as optional for the user to complete.
  10. Click