Searching for information about client computers

You can search for information about the clients, client computers, and users to make informed decisions about the security of your network.
For example, you can find which computers in the Sales group run the latest operating system. You can find out which client computers in the Finance group need the latest virus definitions installed.
To search for most of the information about the users, you must collect user information either during the client software installation or later. This user information is also displayed on the General tab and the User Info tab in the client's Edit Properties dialog box.
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  1. To search for information about client computers
  2. In the console, click
  3. Under
    , click
    Search clients
  4. In the
    Search clients
    dialog box, in the
    drop-down list, click either
  5. Click
    to select a group other than the default group. Click to select the group, and then click
  6. Under
    Search Criteria
    , click in the
    Search Field
    to see the drop-down list, and then select the criteria by which you want to search.
    To find embedded clients, you can search for the type of write filters in use. Click
    Enhanced Write Filter
    File Based Write Filter
    , or
    Unified Write Filter
    to search for whether they are installed, enabled, or both. You can also search for the reduced-size client. Click
    Install Type
    to search for a value of
    Reduced Size
  7. Click the
    Comparison Operator
    drop-down list, and then select a comparison operator.
    You can use standard Boolean operators in your search criteria. Click
    for more information on the options.
  8. In the
    cell, type the search string.
  9. Click
    You can export the results into a text file.
  10. Click
You can export the data that is contained in the query into a text file. See: