Configuring communication settings for a location

By default, you configure communication settings between the management server and the client at the level of the group. However, you can also configure these settings for individual locations in a group. For example, you can use a separate management server for a location where the client computers connect through the VPN. To minimize the number of clients that connect to the management server at the same time, you can specify a different heartbeat for each location.
You can configure the following communication settings for locations:
  • The control mode in which the clients run.
  • The management server list that the clients use.
  • The download mode in which the clients run.
  • Whether to collect a list of all the applications that are executed on clients and send the list to the management server.
  • The heartbeat interval that clients use for downloads.
  • Whether the management server randomizes content downloads from the default management server or a Group Update Provider.
Only some of these settings can be configured for Mac clients.
  1. To configure communication settings for a location
  2. In the console, click
  3. On the
    page, select a group.
  4. On the
    tab, under
    Location-specific Policies and Settings
    , under a location, expand
    Location-specific Settings
  5. To the right of
    Communications Settings
    , click
    , and then uncheck
    Use Group Communications Settings
  6. Click
    again, and then click
    Edit Settings
  7. In the
    Communications Settings for
    location name
    dialog box, modify the settings for the specified location only.
  8. Click