Identifying the point of failure of a client installation

The Windows Installer and Push Deployment Wizard create log files that can be used to verify whether or not an installation was successful. The log files list the components that were successfully installed and provide a variety of details that are related to the installation package. You can use the log file to help identify the component or the action that caused an installation to fail. If you cannot determine the reason for the failed installation, you should retain the log file. Provide the file to Symantec Technical Support if it is requested.
Each time the installation package is executed, the log file is overwritten.
  1. To identify the point of failure of a client installation
  2. In a text editor, open the log file that the installation generated.
  3. To find failures, search for the following entry:
    Value 3
    The action that occurred before the line that contains this entry is most likely the action that caused the failure. The lines that appear after this entry are the installation components that have been rolled back because the installation was unsuccessful.