Upgrading to the Symantec Agent for Linux

(For 14.3 RU1 and later)
Symantec Agent for Linux detects and uninstalls the older
Symantec Endpoint Protection
client for Linux and then performs a fresh install. Old configurations will not be retained.
To upgrade to the Symantec Agent for Linux
  1. In
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    , create and download the installation package.
  2. Move the
    package to a Linux device.
  3. Make the
    file executable:
    chmod u+x LinuxInstaller
  4. Start the installation of the new agent:
    Run the command as root.
  5. To verify the installation, navigate to
    and run
    script to confirm that the modules are loaded and daemons are running:
    Symantec Agent for Linux Version: 14.3.450.1000
    Checking Symantec Agent for Linux (SEPM) status..
    Daemon status:
    cafagent             running
    sisamdagent          running
    sisidsagent          running
    sisipsagent          running
    Module status:
    sisevt               loaded
    sisap                loaded