Applying AutoUpgrade settings to other groups

You can copy existing AutoUpgrade client installation package upgrade settings from one group to another group. If you copy upgrade settings, you don't have to create the package settings for each group individually.
This option copies the following client install package settings:
  • The client feature set
  • Whether
    Maintain existing client features when updating
    is enabled or disabled
  • The client installation settings
  • The content selection
  • The download source
  • The upgrade schedule
  • The settings and message text from the
The Windows settings apply to Windows clients and the Mac settings apply to Mac clients during AutoUpgrade. They also apply to any new client that joins the group.
If you apply the copied settings to a package that is already assigned to a target group, the copied settings override the target group's existing settings. If the target group has no assigned package, this option adds a client install package with the copied settings.
  1. To apply upgrade settings to other groups
  2. In the console, do one of the following tasks:
    • Click
      Install Packages
      , select the group, and under
      , click
      Apply current deployment settings to other groups
    • Click
      , right-click a group, and then click
      Copy Deployment Settings
  3. In the
    Copy Deployment Settings
    dialog box, click the new groups, click
    , and then click