Enabling the use of a network-based Shared Insight Cache

For communication with
Symantec Endpoint Protection
clients over the network, by default Shared Insight Cache uses no authentication and no SSL. If you change Shared Insight Cache settings to Basic authentication with SSL or Basic authentication with no SSL, you must specify a user name and password that can access Shared Insight Cache. See:
  1. To enable the use of a network-based Shared Insight Cache
  2. In the
    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager
    console, open the appropriate Virus and Spyware Protection policy and click
  3. On the
    Shared Insight Cache
    tab, check
    Shared Insight Cache using Network
  4. Click
    Require SSL
    if you enabled SSL authentication in the configuration file.
  5. In the
    box, type the host name of the host on which you installed Shared Insight Cache.
  6. In the
    box, type the port number of Shared Insight Cache.
  7. Optionally, if you configured authentication for Shared Insight Cache:
    • In the
      box, type the user name.
    • Optionally, click
      Change Password
      to change the default password (null) to the password that you created for authentication.
      Leave these fields empty if you do not want to use a password.
  8. Click