Client upgrade settings

Use these settings to configure the automatic upgrade settings for the Windows client and Linux client installation on your devices.
The client upgrade settings are not supported for Mac.
Client upgrade settings
Options and Descriptions
Release channel
Define from which release channel the device installs:
  • Previous release
    (Windows only)
    Downloads the client software from the release before the most current release. Use this option until you have tested the latest release; then download the latest release.
  • Latest release
    Use this option to download the most current client software to your devices. Symantec recommends that you test the most current release.
  • Prerelease release
    (Windows only)
    Upgrades to the beta version of the client. Use this option to test the client before you download it to all your devices.
Upgrade schedule
Defines the schedule by which devices receive their upgrade with the following options:
  • Upgrade from
    start time
    end time
    Define the start time and the end time. Recommended minimum time between the start time and the end time is 4 hours. Use a 24-hour clock.
  • Distribute upgrades over
    (Windows only)
    Use this option for devices that are in a low bandwidth environment. The maximum number of days is 30.
  • Upgrade frequency
    is the default.
  • Delay upgrade for
    (Windows only)
    Define the delay for the upgrade from between 0 days and 45 days. Selecting 0 days means there is no delay.
User Notifications Settings
Displays a custom message on the users' devices.
This option is supported only for Windows.