Edit Firewall Rule: General

Use this page to add a custom firewall rule.
You add the rule's components to the selected firewall rule only. These components do not apply to any other rule or Firewall policy. However, you can make a copy of the rule and edit the copy.
Rules tab
Rule Name
(required) and
Rule Description
Use a description to distinguish the difference between similar rules.
Enable the rule
The rule is disabled by default after you add one. You can disable it if you are not ready to use it yet.
  • Allows or blocks connections
    Allows or blocks any communication of this type to take place on the client device.
  • Logs the event
    Logs a security event when a traffic event matches the criteria that are set for this rule. The event is tracked in the client's Traffic log and sent back to the
    Security Events
    tab in the
    Alerts and Events
    page. Select
    No Logging
    to prevent the client's from logging the event in its Traffic log.
Severity and Screen Saver Settings
  • Assign a level of severity to the event
    Assigns a level of importance to the event.
    Firewall events appear on the
    Alerts and Events
    page >
    Security Events
    tab >
    Total Events
    Threats Prevented
  • Sets which state of the screen saver affects the rule
    Specifies whether a locked screen or unlocked screen affects the rule. Select
    so that the rule is triggered regardless of the state of the screen.