General settings

Use this policy to configure the following options in the System policy.
Symantec Endpoint Security
policies, you can unlock the policy settings to let client users override the policy’s settings on the device. The policy lock is enabled by default.
General settings
Options and Descriptions
Run in low bandwidth mode
Use the low-bandwidth mode for those environments that require infrequent content updates and that have low connectivity to the cloud. Low-bandwidth clients receive updates infrequently. Symantec updates low-bandwidth content once a week. In low-bandwidth mode, you can use the aggressive mode policy to tune the security on your endpoints even more. See:
Submit suspicious files pseudonymously to Symantec to enhance threat protection intelligence
Clients submit suspicious files to Symantec automatically. Symantec uses this information to address new and changing threats and improve the security features in
Endpoint Security
. This option also applies to low-bandwidth content.
If your organization is part of a Symantec-sponsored custom analysis program, you can choose to send client-identifiable information as well. Symantec can use client-identifiable information to provide customized solutions for your particular environment.
Allow the user to request an exception for a blocked event
Lets client users submit a request for an exception if an Application Control or Application Isolation event blocks an item that the user wants to allow.
This option is only available if you use Application Control or Application Isolation.