LiveUpdate scheduling settings

Use these settings to specify how often to push content updates from LiveUpdate servers to clients.
LiveUpdate scheduling settings
Enable LiveUpdate Scheduling
Lets your clients run scheduled LiveUpdate sessions. You then set the scheduling options that the clients use when they communicate with any LiveUpdate server.
Specifies how often clients run LiveUpdate to download the latest updates. The default is
4 hours.
option allows the client computers that infrequently communicate with the cloud to get the latest updates. They get the latest updates when they connect to the network and authenticate to the server.
Retry window
Specifies the number of days to keep trying to run LiveUpdate if the scheduled session failed. This option is enabled if the
, or
option is selected.
Download randomization options
Specifies a randomization option. You can stagger the updates, plus or minus the value that is specified, to minimize the effect on network traffic. By default,
Endpoint Security
randomizes the LiveUpdate sessions to minimize bandwidth spikes.
This option is only available if the Daily or Weekly option is selected.
Idle detection
Specifies that a scheduled LiveUpdate should not run until the client computer is idle. If the computer is never idle, then after the final threshold is reached, LiveUpdate runs even if the computer is not idle.
If unchecked, the scheduled LiveUpdate always runs at the scheduled time, regardless of how busy the computer is.