Restart type and settings for client installation packages

The restart type lets you select when to restart the device after client installation. The restart settings let you select how the restart appears to the user on the device.
Restart type options
Options and Descriptions
Immediate restart
Restarts the device without delay.
Scheduled restart
Restarts the device on a schedule. Select from the following options:
  • Up to this time
    Select the time of day for the restart using 24-hour time.
    If the user does not restart the device before the selected time, then the device restarts at that time.
  • Next Occurrence
    Select the day to restart.
    The restart occurs on the next occurrence of this day.
  • Randomize the start time to be + or -
    Randomizes the restart for a specified window of time around the selected time.
    For example, if you select 3:00 A.M., and randomize the start time at 2 hours, the restart could occur between 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M.
No restart
Does not restart the device as a part of the installation.
Use this option when you or the user can safely wait to restart the device as part of a normal routine. In some cases, the device may need to restart to start a service. A notification appears when this requirement is present.
Before the restart, the following limitations apply:
  • If the agent will be installed in a cloud instance that has hardening policies applied, then hardening will not be active on the device until the restart.
  • If the agent will have a Device Control policy with USB rules applied, then currently running applications will not be restricted on the device until the restart.
Restart settings options
Options and Descriptions
No prompt
Suppresses the restart prompt.
For example, if you schedule a restart at 3:00 A.M., when the user is likely away from the computer, you can suppress the restart prompt.
Prompt with a countdown of
Displays a prompt on the device to tell the user that a restart is imminent.
represents the number of minutes for the countdown. The default countdown value is 5 minutes.
Prompt and allow snooze up to
Restart the client computer within a given period of time, and allows the user a chance to save data and exit programs before the restart.
represents the number of total minutes that the user can delay (or snooze) the restart. The default value for delaying the restart is up to 60 minutes.
Show Advanced
  • Restart message
    Shows the message that the user sees when the restart prompt appears.
    You can customize the default message. The maximum number of characters for the custom message is 125.
  • Hard restart
    Third-party applications cannot prevent this type of restart. Unsaved user data can be lost.
  • Restart immediately if the user is not logged in
    Restarts the device immediately if no user is logged on to the device.
    Checking this option overrides any other pending restart actions.