Assigning the default Activity Recorder policy to groups

The default Symantec EDR policy is applied to the EDR Cloud device groups that you select:
To use the EDR features, the Symantec Endpoint Security (formerly Symantec Endpoint Protection) endpoint agent must be 14.3 or later. If you have older agents on your endpoints, upgrade them to 14.3.
  1. Under
    Select device group to apply default policy
    , check the boxes next to the device groups that you want to apply the default policy to.
  2. Click
    and then click
This page also provides information about the groups that the policy is applied to, including:
  • The name of the group
  • The number of devices in the group
  • A description of the group
  • The number of policies applied to the group
  • The creation date for the group
  • Any tags associated with the group