Customizing the Home page

You can customize the
page to give you quick access to the widgets that are most important to you.
You can modify one of the pre-defined dashboard views. Your modifications are user-specific. Any changes you make to pre-defined views are not shared with other administrators.
For the list of pre-defined views, see Using the Home page dashboard views.
You can also create a new view.
  • Only you can view, edit, or delete a custom view that you create.
  • Dashboard views are domain specific. If you have access to multiple domains, make sure that you are in the appropriate domain before you create a new view.
Several categories of widgets are available depending on your subscription. You can add or delete widgets from any view. However, you cannot move or delete widgets from their categories on the
Select Widgets
IT Operations
  • Client Version Distribution
  • Seat Count / Usage Status
  • Device Security Status
Adaptive Protection
Available only for Symantec Endpoint Security Complete.
  • Adaptive Protection - Behavioral Insights and Policy Tuning
Threat Protection
  • Suspicious Detections by Intensity Level
  • Top 5 Unique Blocked External Devices
  • Top Intrusion Prevention Detections
  • Device Control KPI
  • Device Integrity KPI
  • Firewall KPI
  • Intrusion Prevention KPI
  • Network Integrity KPI
  • Network Integrity Detection
  • Network Integrity Remediation Taken
  • Top Sources for Intrusion Prevention Events
  • Exploit Mitigation KPI
  • Top 5 Devices With Unique External Devices Blocked
  • App Control KPI
Threat Analytics
  • Recent Security Events
  • Recent Devices With Unresolved Threats
  • Endpoint Security KPI
  • Network Integrity Detections Map View
  • Risk Distribution Over Time
  • Top Infection Actors
Security Operations
Available only for Symantec Endpoint Security Complete.
  • Open Incidents KPI
  • Closed Incidents KPI
  • EDR Endpoint Activity KPI
  • Top 5 Latest Incidents
  • MITRE ATT&CK® Tactics
  • Top 5 Incidents by Detection Type and Severity
  • Top 5 MITRE ATT&CK® Techniques
Key App Control Flows
Discovery Meter
widgets were retired in May 2021. If you previously added these widgets to a custom dashboard, you can continue to use them.
To create a new view or modify an existing view
  1. On the
    page, on the
    tab, do one of the following actions:
    • To create a new view, select
    • To modify an existing view, from the drop-down menu select any view, and then select 
      . The view draft appears. Select
      Add Widget
      to add any widgets to the view. Otherwise, skip to step 5.
  2. On the
    Select Widgets
    page, do any of the following:
    • Select the desired widgets from any category. You can pick and choose any available widgets to include in the view. For a new view, you must select at least one widget.
    • If desired, add all widgets from a particular category with the
      Add All
      option next to each category. You can also choose to
      Remove All
    • Use the
      Widgets Selected
      panel to reorder the widgets on the view layout. You can also reorder the widgets after you create the view by moving the widgets or changing their numeric designation.
  3. Each selected widget appears in the
    Widgets Selected
    panel. You can use the panel to reorder the widgets in the view. Alternately, you can skip this option and reorder the widgets in the next step.
  4. Select
    The view draft appears.
  5. In draft mode, the view shows its widgets highlighted, and each widget includes an editable number and a close (remove) button. 
    Do any of the following actions to rearrange the widgets:
    • Drag and drop the widgets to change their order and placement.
    • Select the edit icon next to the number of each widget and type a different number. The number moves the widget to an ordered position in the view when you save the view.
    • Select the close option to remove any widget from the view.
  6. For a new view, in the
    Enter Dashboard Name
    text box, enter a name for the custom view.
    For an existing view, you can modify the view name if desired.
  7. You can select
    Set as default
    so that this view appears as the default
    page view whenever you sign in.
    You can also skip this option and set the view as the default at a later time.
  8. Select
    to save the new or modified view.
    The new or modified view is only available to you. The view is not shared with other administrators.