Adding a discovery agent to find unmanaged devices

You add a discovery agent to find unmanaged devices in your network. You must identify and install the installation package on at least one Windows device as a discovery agent before you can look for devices.
A discovery agent must meet the following criteria:
  • Windows
  • Exclusively cloud-managed
  • Connected
  • A
    (green) or
    At Risk
    (orange) device state
Only the devices that meet these criteria appear on the candidate list.
  1. To add a discovery agent to find unmanaged devices
  2. In the cloud console, go to one of the following:
    • Settings > Device Discovery
    • Devices > Unmanaged Devices > Run Discovery
  3. Select
    Select Discovery Agents
  4. Select any device that you want to use as a discovery agent, and then press
  5. In the
    menu or under the
    Scan Range
    of the discovery agent for which you want to discover devices, select
    Edit IP Range
  6. Select
    Entire subnet
    IP range within subnet
    and then press
    If you select
    IP range within subnet
    , enter the IP addresses that begin and end the scan range.
  7. Select
    Discover Now
    to begin the Network Discovery in the selected IP network range.